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Austin Prep is a Catholic, co-educational, independent school in the Augustinian tradition that strives to prepare its students for success in higher education and in their adult lives, for leadership in a diverse democracy, and for lives of service to others in the spirit of Jesus Christ. We educate young men and women in grades 6 through 12, who come to us from throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

From the Headmaster

In the tradition of St. Augustine, Austin Preparatory School has been on a journey for more than 50 years. Augustine of Hippo, widely known for his “restless heart,” embarked on a journey for the Truth. At the core of Austin Prep is an institution on the same journey, committed to exemplary teaching and learning. Leading Austin students on this journey is a dedicated faculty of worthy exemplars.

Our capacity to marshal the Augustinian tradition – educating minds, transforming lives and touching hearts – is strengthened every day by more than 5,000 Austin Prep alumni who continue to leave their imprint on the world. Augustine of Hippo loved to be with people. Or to say it another way, St. Augustine loved community – a hallmark of Austin Prep.

In the Augustinian tradition of veritas, unitas, and caritas – truth, unity, and love – I invite you to join our community – and our journey.

James Hickey, Ph.D.

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101 Willow Street
Reading, Massachusetts

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