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June 6th, 2020

Middle School Final Assembly

class of 2024


On Thursday evening, Headmaster James Hickey, Ph.D. P'22, '23, '24, Head of Middle School Michael McLaughlin, and members of the Middle School Student Council welcomed eighth graders, families and friends to the Middle School Final Assembly celebrating the Class of 2024. Each member of the class was honored as a part of a slide show, and although the event took place virtually through Zoom, the evening offered a sense of normalcy, with familiar readings, faces, and even students in dress code! 

"Class of 2024, throughout your time in Middle School at Austin Prep you have contemplated the two existential questions of early adolescence: who am I and how do I fit in? Like the tiles in a mosaic require each other to depict the story, these questions require you to interact with others - they require community. Unitas," Mr. McLaughlin said. "In your time in Middle School, your restless pursuit of these questions informed the risks you took, the friendships your formed, the experiences you opened yourself up to, the questions you asked, the knowledge you discovered, the tears you shed, the smiles you shared, the laughs you exchanged, and the responsibilities you shouldered. They will continue to shape the young men and women you grow to be."


Nicholas Tauro '24

The event ended with Nicholas Tauro '24, co-chair of the Middle School Student Council, presenting Austin Prep with a gift from the Class of 2024. Following in tradition set by middle school classes before them, the Class of 2024 presented Austin Prep with a holy water font for the Chapel of St. Augustine to match the one donated by the Class of 2023. The class looks forward to the blessings and the visiting of this sacred space on campus, once again. Congratulations to the Class of 2024, and best of luck as you continue on with your journey.


Final Virtual Sunday Mass


We will be holding our final virtual Sunday mass with Father Patrick Armano, School Chaplain from the Chapel of St. Augustine tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. The link to join in the worship is available here.

We are so grateful for all the students, parents, faculty, alumni and friends who joined us remotely this Spring to spend some time with the Lord.  Although churches were closed, our virtual masses allowed us the opportunity to come together in prayer during these challenging times.

These times of prayer have afforded us the opportunity of gathering, although at a distance, together in prayer and unity for ourselves, our families, but especially for so many who have been invited this year to bear on their bodies the wounds of Christ (Galatians 6:17). 


Year End Community Meeting

Austin Prep held its final Community Meeting of the year on Monday. Dr. Hickey wished the community well and thanked them for their diligence and commitment to the Remote Teaching and Learning efforts of the past several months. Also making an appearance was a favorite from Sage Dining, Mr. Todd Moriarty, Food Service Director, who provided us with some pizza making expertise.

The highlight of the meeting was the introduction of the 2020-2021 School-Wide Student Government Officers, listed below. We look forward to a great year next year under their leadership!



T.J. Dysart '21, School-Wide President



T.J. Brosnan '21, School-Wide Vice-President



Liam Prigmore '21, School-Wide Secretary



Marvin Twombley '21, School-Wide Public Relations Officer



Showcase of Art & Design Students

Mary Hueston '21 performed during Sunday's Showcase of Art & Design Students

Sunday's Showcase of Art & Design students was another amazing exhibition of the artistic talent at Austin Prep. The virtual event for musicians, vocalists, and dancers provided students the opportunity to perform and display their talents virtually for the Austin Prep community. The event was hosted by Art and Design Chair Mrs. Marla Pascicci-Byrne P'26 and performers included Kate Beckel '23, Chloe Ciano '22, Olivia Doherty'22, Lilli Donahue '22, Kayley Ellis '20, Olivia Ferri '23, Arya Gupta '21, Jaya Gupta '24, Spencer Hart-Thompson '20, Mary Hueston '21, Ava Intoppa '24, Conor Long '21, Jillian McAuley '24, Ethan Molettieri '25, Jenna Nadeau '22, Sofia Senn '23, Arianna Shalhoub '22, and Livia Souza '22.


Registration Open for Summer Session at Austin Prep

summer session

Summer Session is an innovative virtual program for both Upper and Middle School students that includes a series of engaging courses designed to sustain students’ enthusiasm for learning and maintain connections between students during the summer months. Registration is now open, and classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

A menu of enrichment courses approach a familiar discipline through a unique lens. Geography through the Zombie Apocalypse or Baseball and 20th Century American History will provide students with an opportunity to take a deep dive into topics as they think critically and creatively. Introductory and review-style courses provide a sense of structure and support as students sharpen their skills and strengthen their academic foundation in Mathematics and World Language.

With classes capped at 15 students and led by a member of the Austin Prep faculty, students benefit from an engaging environment that will help keep their academic goals on track. In addition to fellow Austin Prep students, classmates may include students from other Augustinian schools or other schools spread throughout the country, creating an opportunity to broaden perspectives not only about content but on the world itself.
We invite you to learn more about Austin Prep Summer Session and peruse the Summer Session Catalog here

The Summer Session is being coordinated by Head of Middle School Mr. Michael McLaughlin. He can be reached directly with any questions about the program or any of the specific courses.


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Happy Summer!

Summer Break

We hope everybody had a successful week of finals, and wish you an amazing Summer.  Next week, there will be a 2019-2020 Year in Review Edition of the Cougar Courier, but this is the final weekly edition of the Cougar Courier. Thank you for reading, and we will see you in the Fall!