We are all suddenly learning how the global pandemic is impacting daily life. It’s difficult for everyone and the institutions and communities of which we are a part. I recently sent a difficult letter to Austin Prep’s Class of 2020 acknowledging that the uncertainty we are facing in our society could impact their final weeks at Austin Prep and the once-in-a-lifetime, capstone experiences that high school seniors anticipate with excitement.

These have been difficult days for the faculty and staff who, in fewer than 3 days, launched remote teaching and learning. The faculty, staff, and leadership of Austin Prep continue to adapt to all the unanticipated hiccups that surfaced in the last 48 hours so that the instruction we are providing, virtual education notwithstanding, is aligned with excellence.

Many of you have emailed with words of thanks, good wishes, and old-fashioned appreciation. In this crisis, I think it’s important that we remain optimistic and positive. I thought one way we could accomplish that is by sharing public praise, appreciation, and admiration for the many individuals, teams, and departments who deserve a “shout out.”

I invite you to share your thoughts by filling out this simple form. Your appreciation will be posted here on Austin Prep’s website for the whole community to see. There have been many sacrifices from so many to get us to this point and, no doubt, there will be more required in the days ahead.

I am deeply proud to be a part of such an extraordinary community. Austin Prep continues to shine and I think it’s important that we celebrate what makes us strong.