Their Words Are Better Than Mine

Their Words Are Better Than Mine

Following the release of my State of the School message last month, a number of parents, staff, and alumni reached out to me to share some feedback about their Austin Prep experience.  One email from a new Middle School family caught my eye and I’d like to share it with you (I edited it slightly to preserve anonymity).

Thank you for your recent letter, and request for our feedback, thus far on our first year at Austin Prep. We are elated with our son’s successes. We believe he has transitioned well. He appears to feel comfortable and accepted in his new school. We have noticed a positive change in his demeanor towards school.  He has embraced new opportunities. He has become a member in various clubs, some of which are completely new to him this year. He looks forward to participating in them, and branching out with new experiences.

Yesterday, we received a letter from his advisor.  Honestly, we were surprised to receive such a letter. As we read through it, we were both genuinely proud to receive such positive feedback. We appreciate that your staff has gone above and beyond a report card to discuss his progress and truly get to know him.  Likewise, our son was beaming with pride!

 Not unlike many children, he does not volunteer much feedback on his day.  However, we do know he feels safe at his school. This is paramount. We have overseen and reviewed his studies.  The rigor of the curriculum is evident; we know he is learning.  Any time we have reached out to his teachers or coaches, we have received timely responses. The letter from his advisor reaffirmed that we made the right decision to send him to Austin Prep.  I think it is fair to say that we are all in agreement that sending him to Austin Prep was an excellent choice. We look forward to watching him flourish!

As I referenced in my State of the School letter to the community, Austin Prep continues on our enduring and transformational Journey of the heart.  This young man, through a relatively short period of time at Austin Prep, has begun to grow in ways that will equip him with the skills, confidence, and moral center for a lifetime.