Austin Prep Inducts 48 in to National Honor Society

Austin Prep Inducts 48 in to National Honor Society

On April 15, 48 students were inducted into the National Honor Society. Inductees were in attendance in the Chapel of St. Augustine as the event was live streamed for family members to view from home. The program for the evening can be viewed here.

Mrs. Stephanie Choate, National Honor Society Moderator, led off the evening stating, "Like all things this year, this ceremony is much different than normal. I can definitely say that the absence of family and friends in the pews this year is palpable because while this night is about the accomplishments of the students sitting in the room, we cannot forget the people that supported you: your family, friends, teachers, coaches, staff and administration at Austin Prep. And while their absence is definitely felt tonight, I know that there are a lot of people beaming with pride as they watch this from home."

"Despite the obstacles Covid threw our way, the officers and other members of NHS worked tirelessly to still complete initiatives and make a difference," Choate added.

National Honor Society President Emma Kilbride '21 welcomed NHS Officers Emily Pessina '21, Ariana Clark '21 and Kate Simpson '21, who reflected on the four pillars of NHS: character, service, scholarship, and leadership. A fourth officer, Molly Dugan '21, was not in attendance.

In his remarks, Head of School James Hickey, Ph.D. made reference to the book The Road to Character by New York Times Columnist David Brooks. "Brooks argues there are two types of virtues, what he calls the resume virtues and the eulogy virtues," Dr. Hickey said. "Resume virtues are skills and achievements, such as high test scores, and workplace promotions that often lead to bigger bank accounts and public praise or recognition.  On the other side are eulogy virtues, the qualities of character...your humility, integrity, kindness, compassion, the love you have in your heart."

"Despite the adoration of resume virtues, we all know deep down inside at the core of our being, that eulogy virtues are what really matter," Dr. Hickey said.

The evening closed with remarks from Dr. Abbey Denaro '05, a National Honor Society member, who has also been inducted into the National Leadership Honor Society and the National Chiropractic Honor Society. She credits her experiences at Austin Prep as a tremendous launching pad for her extended studies and career success in the chiropractic field.

"So I challenge you tonight. I challenge you to start thinking about what it is you dream about. And I don’t care what it is – it doesn’t have to be anything exceptionally noteworthy, like winning the Nobel Peace Prize. But every little thing in your life that’s important to you. Excelling academically, achieving fitness goals, ranking higher in your athletics, making changes in your circle – whether that’s helping your family, helping your neighbors, community or if you have bigger picture," Denaro said.

"Our world is on the brink of some major changes. We need changes – all changes – big ones and small ones. And we need the people who are going to make those changes. "