Austin Prep Summer Session in Full Swing

Austin Prep Summer Session in Full Swing

Over 100 Austin Prep students are continuing their studies over the summer break through the school’s new Virtual Summer Session. 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak this spring, Austin Prep students advanced through coursework by attending virtual classes in real-time and enjoying the interaction and support with faculty and peers. Austin Prep’s Summer Session continues this successful model with a series of original courses crafted to sustain students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Jess Swindell, History Faculty, is leading an enrichment course on Disease and Human Society. This week, students focused on pandemics like the Plague of Justinian and the Bubonic Plague. To explore how medical advice has changed overtime, the students have been reading primary sources to analyze "plague prevention" measures recommended by 14th-century doctors. In one instance, people were told to eat a pickled onion before breakfast.

In the Disney Imagineering STEM course, students are using the app Book Creator to create a portfolio of ideas for a new theme park. So far, students have created a map, a building and landscape design plan, and graphic design prototypes. They will be designing rides and animatronic characters in the coming weeks!

The Summer Session draws on Austin Prep’s Augustinian heritage by providing students the opportunity to discover new perspectives while promoting community and conversation.

“Summer classes are capped at fifteen students, promoting dialogue among our summer scholars with veteran members of the Austin faculty,” said Headmaster James Hickey, Ph.D., P’22, ’23, ’24. “This will ensure that students and families receive meaningful, instructive feedback to better inform students as they continue their academic journey.”

Other courses provide students the opportunity to brush up on content and skills in preparation for September. Students have had the chance to review number properties, multi-variable equations, and quadratic functions in Math Prep courses. World Language students are learning introductory vocabulary and grammar skills in Spanish and Latin to get a jump start on their fall coursework.

The Summer Session at Austin Prep’s menu of enriching coursework and skills-based programs have provided students with the building blocks to customize an invigorating, individualized curriculum to continue their academic growth this summer.