Austin Prep Supports Ukraine Relief Efforts

Austin Prep Supports Ukraine Relief Efforts

The mission of Austin Prep is “To inspire hearts to unite, minds to inquire, and hands to serve.”

We have witnessed the effects of the war in Ukraine, and have seen the devastation that it has brought upon its people. Millions of victims have fled their homes to find refuge in foreign nations. They are displaced, and when the time comes that they can return, they will return to the ruins of their homes, schools, hospitals, churches, and places of work.

Our faith calls us to act in solidarity, to understand that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and to actively work for the good and care of others. Based on communications from the Archbishop of Ukrainian Catholics in the United States, the fastest way to send aid is with a donation. The Sovereign Order of Malta is providing direct relief services in Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries.

In the spirit of veritasunitas, and caritas, we are asking students to bring in a donation of $5 to advisory to support Ukraine and its people. Students, please bring in your donation to your advisors by March 25th. If families would like to donate more, please send it along with your student. If we can answer any questions, please reach out to Mr. Dustin Batista, Theology Department Chair and Coordinator of Service, at

We ask friends and family of Austin Prep to join us in praying for a peaceful end to the war.