Intoppa '24 receives Augustinian High School Scholarship at Villanova

Intoppa '24 receives Augustinian High School Scholarship at Villanova

As an Augustinian school, Austin Prep is part of a much wider Catholic education community, and we work every day in common purpose with our sister Augustinian schools to shape Augustinian hearts that enter the world. Austin Prep is a member of the Augustinian Secondary Education Association (ASEA), which is a commission of the Federation of Augustinians of North America.

The ASEA was founded “to foster unity, efficiency, and continued development within the Augustinian ministry of secondary education.” Each academic year, Austin Prep sends students to participate in the Student Augustinian Values Institute (SAVI) and faculty and staff to participate in the Augustinian Values Institute (AVI). Through these institutes, students and staff deepen their understanding of Augustinian spirituality, Augustinian education, and the heritage of St. Augustine

Austin Prep is one of the ten member schools of ASEA. In addition to the ten Augustinian secondary schools in North America, there are also two Augustinian institutions of higher education: Merrimack College and Villanova University. Both Merrimack College and Villanova University are interested in recruiting students who exemplify the Augustinian values of veritas, unitas, and caritas and have scholarships available to advance that effort.

As was noted in the recent State of the School Message sent by Dr. James Hickey, Head of School, Austin Prep was recently notified that Villanova University has extended to Austin Prep the opportunity to annually select one student in the top 5% of the graduating class to receive the Augustinian High School Scholarship – a full academic scholarship renewable for 4 years. The tuition for Villanova University for the 2024-2025 is $66,838. 

Following a careful review by a committee of Austin Prep faculty and school leadership, the committee recommended Ava Intoppa ’24 to Dr. Hickey who nominated her for the Augustinian High School Scholarship. We are pleased to announce that the President of Villanova University, Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D., approved Dr. Hickey’s nomination of Ava. Congratulations to Ava for this outstanding recognition and for exemplifying the Augustinian values of veritas, unitas, and caritas during her seven years as an Austin Prep Lifer.