St. Augustine Lumen Award Winners Announced

St. Augustine Lumen Award Winners Announced

Mrs. Marla Pascucci-Byrne P’26 and Ms. Celia Barletta were named this year’s recipients of Austin Prep’s St. Augustine Lumen Award. The Lumen Award was established by the Austin Prep Board of Trustees to recognize outstanding teachers.

celia lumen

Ms. Celia Barletta (center) was presented the 2020 St. Augustine Lumen Award. Also pictured are Trustees Mike Bravo P'18, '20, Sun-Min Han P'20, Joey Carregal '05 and Board Chair Dan Bouchard P'10, '14, '15.

Mrs. Marla Pascucci-Byrne P’26, pictured above, was also a Lumen Award Recipient. 


Trustee Joey Carregal ’05 introduced and announced both winners and added unique perspective as a former student celebrating his former teachers. Head of School James Hickey, Ph.D. and Board of Trustees Chair Dan Bouchard P’10, ’14, ’15 presented Mrs. Pascucci-Byrne and Ms. Barletta with a certificate and stipend to fund future professional development opportunities.

The award was presented Tuesday at a faculty meeting, which was attended by faculty, staff, and members of the Austin Prep Board of Trustees.