Advisory Program

The primary objective of Austin Prep's advisory program is to provide a thoughtful and robust foundation upon which the personal success of every child is possible. 

The advisory programs at Austin Prep are fundamental to student achievement. Their primary purpose is to provide all students with trusted mentors for achieving academic, social and personal success throughout their lives. Austin Prep teachers and administration believe teaching extends beyond the course of student. The most successful advisory programs are fully integrated into the daily, consistent interactions between teachers and students. With ongoing teacher support, students make wise choices and develop a strong sense of confidence. The emotional and social constructs of a well-integrated student advisory program provide the bedrock for successful academic success at Austin Prep. 

The advisory program was recently recognized for advisory program excellence. Click here to read more.


  • The advisory programs are mission-based, focusing on the school's Augustinian values of veritas, unitas, and caritas.

  • Advising is aimed at facilitating student maturity by encouraging the development of self-control and appropriate self-expression, all through gradual experiences with independence.

  • Advising is part of the Austin Prep journey that students and teachers embark upon together on a daily basis.

  • Strengthening the connectedness between staff and students fosters a personalized and supportive school culture. 

  • Teaching students to articulate and demonstrate empathy is central to the student-advisor relationship.

  • Since the dynamics of adolescence are ever-changing, advisors participate in ongoing training and professional development programs to better deliver meaningful support and guidance to students and their parents. 

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