Middle School Academics

The Middle School at Austin Preparatory School is an inviting, intentional environment rooted in the best practices of Middle School education.

During this pivotal period, students are supported by faculty and advisors as they navigate campus, accelerate their growth, and flourish as independent learners and self-advocates. Choice and voice in the academic program promote student ownership and create opportunities for students to take risks and grow. In their classes and co-curricular activities, students are challenged to be curious.

"I can always tell the kids who have been at the middle school. They are capable and confident in unexpected ways. They are ready for anything." 
-Nicole Putney, English Department Chair and P'26

Middle School Curriculum at Austin Prep


Middle School Blog

Our middle school blog is the place to learn about the perspectives and programs that make the Austin Prep Middle School Journey unique. Periodic blog posts will come from members of our middle school community, including faculty, students, and staff.   

Middle School Blog

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