George 'Matt' Miller Memorial Scholarship

After 43 years of selfless service and loyalty to the school, George “Matt” Miller reluctantly resigned from Austin Prep at the conclusion of the 2012 academic year due to health reasons. When he passed away on December 20, 2014, the school lost the person who embodied the Austin experience in so many ways.

Perhaps no other figure in the history of the school better exemplified its high ideals of Caritas, Unitas and Veritas. His acts of charity are too great to list; his leadership and involvement in every area of school life became the very fabric that provided the unity needed to bring together all aspects of the Austin community during its infancy; and his humble ‘service to others’ gave witness to the central truth and essence of our faith (Matthew 20:28). He truly defined a Catholic education.

Matt’s contributions to the school are incalculable and they reverberate beyond its walls across all generations of Austin graduates. His unique personality blended extreme intelligence with a quick wit and a sarcastic sense of humor … a combination that enabled him to easily connect with his students.

He was a fixture in the classroom during school hours and on the athletic fields afterwards. “Mr. Austin” was seemingly at every sporting event … and always dressed appropriately in school green.

After hours he oversaw the management and growth of the library; while also finding time to counsel students on their college plans – from the application process – through every acceptance and rejection letter.

On April 21, 2012, the establishment of his scholarship was announced appropriately at the Austin Prep Athletic Hall of Fame banquet by inductee Matt Pimental ‘01. While none of us can calculate how many lives Matt Miller has impacted at Austin, we now have a vehicle to help acknowledge his remarkable teaching ministry that benefited so many who have passed through its halls.

We ask our alumni to help honor his legacy by either participating in and/or financially supporting the event and his scholarship fund.

The George “Matt” Miller Memorial Scholarship:

This scholarship has been established by Linsey and Matthew Pimentel '01 in honor of longtime faculty member George “Matt” Miller and his decades of teaching service to Austin Prep and its students. This scholarship seeks to provide assistance to deserving students based on academic merit and need. It also recognizes students who have demonstrated leadership abilities and a commitment to their community.