Celebrating Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas

In recent days, we have received many words of thanks, support and encouragement during our school closure. Scroll down below to see a collection of all those well wishes for members of our community who deserve a public thank you.



To the Austin Prep Community,

We are all suddenly learning how the global pandemic is impacting daily life.  It’s difficult for everyone and the institutions and communities of which we are a part.  I recently sent a difficult letter to Austin Prep’s Class of 2020 acknowledging that the uncertainty we are facing in our society could impact their final weeks at Austin Prep and the once-in-a-lifetime, capstone experiences that high school seniors anticipate with excitement.

These have been difficult days for the faculty and staff who, in fewer than 3 days, launched remote teaching and learning.  The faculty, staff, and leadership of Austin Prep continue to adapt to all the unanticipated hiccups that surfaced in the last 48 hours so that the instruction we are providing, virtual education notwithstanding, is aligned with excellence.

Many of you have emailed with words of thanks, good wishes, and old-fashioned appreciation.  In this crisis, I think it’s important that we remain optimistic and positive.  I thought one way we could accomplish that is by sharing public praise, appreciation, and admiration for the many individuals, teams, and departments who deserve a “shout out.”

I invite you to share your thoughts by filling out this simple form.  Your appreciation will be posted on Austin Prep’s website below for the whole community to see.  There have been many sacrifices from so many to get us to this point and, no doubt, there will be more required in the days ahead.

I am deeply proud to be a part of such an extraordinary community.  Austin Prep continues to shine and I think it’s important that we celebrate what makes us strong.



James Hickey, Ph.D. P'22, '23, '24


Nurse Kim Esakof

She has been so supportive of me during this transition. She knows everything about my home life and knew that this would be hard for me, so she reached out over email and made sure that I was okay. Then she set up a Zoom conference and we talked for a long time. I felt so much better after talking to her. She really helps me relieve all of my stress. She is truly an amazing woman and I love her so much!  

Genevieve Rhodes, Student

Ms. Dell’Anno

She was very proactive during this time of uncertainty. She always had classes set up and work posted before class even began. I was greatly appreciative of this during the new adventure of remote learning!

Katherine Millett, Student

Austin Prep Faculty

They have put in so much time and effort into making us students the best we can be. They’re supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t thank them anymore for what they do.

Michael Bolduc, Student

Mr. Pollard and Mr. Driscoll

He has made sure that all of the student - athletes were ok during these times , while there spring season got postponed and especially the girls hockey team getting there game unfortunately canceled.

Jack Keefe, Student

Mr. McLaughlin, Dr. Hickey, Ms. Brown, Ms. DiPerna, Mrs. Blais, Ms. Varraso, Mr. Regan, and Mrs. Blewitt

All of these people have worked extremely hard just so I could continue learning.

Madeleine Fisher, Student

Dr. Hickey

Because Austin prep has the chance to do remote learning.

Max Achab, Student

Brian Regan and Mr. Pollard

Mr. Regan is a legend and he is my favorite teacher at Austin Prep. During in 6th and 7th grade the math classes I had with him were unforgettable. I still go by to his room in time to time to say hi to him.

Mr. Pollard is an amazing person to work with. During the baseball OPs meetings they are amazing and the baseball season might be canceled. Mr. Pollard is an amazing guy to, his personality is amazing too. He always has a smile on his face.

Patrick Fazzolari, Student

Teachers & Staff

Thank you all for being so patient over the last few days and for working hard to make sure that we can continue to learn. We’re all so thankful for you!

Emma Kilbride, Student

My Parents

Because they do everything for me.

Julia Rice, Student

Teachers, Administrators and Coaches

In these uncertain times, the communication from Austin Prep’s leadership outlining a plan for e-learning has been phenomenal. The remote learning schedule provides a nice semblance of a routine for the students, as well as a sense of purpose. The teachers are to be commended for adapting to these changes so quickly, in spite of their own unique situations at home. Many have young children at home, yet they continue to show up for our children. I’m sure many of them are worried about friends and relatives and themselves, yet they continue to show up for our children. Finally, the coaches even helped provide a sense of purpose by adding on to Mr. Driscoll’s physical fitness challenge. Coach Mike Collins tasked the girls tennis team to take the fitness challenge to the next level by adding in a mile walk or run and at least 30 minutes of tennis practice, while maintaining social distancing requirements. It’s nice to know the whole Austin Prep community cares about the well-being of my daughter. Thank you all so very much!

Joan Ferranti, Parent

Entire AP faculty

Could not have been an easy task to get the entire AP staff up and running on Zoom. While remote learning is not preferred, I think it's helpful to the students to see their peers and teachers in this very difficult time. I understand too that the entire school has been sanitized. I'm grateful!!

Laura Choma, Parent

Michael McLaughlin, Michelle Connor, Jill Bonina

Their dedication during this time is quite evident as they quickly had to learn Zoom, coordinate with each other, offer top notch training for faculty, and continue to be there for our questions and concerns. Their patience, understanding, and professionalism does not go unnoticed and deserves commendation. They are Unitas in action!

Cheryl Amari, Faculty

Dr Hickey, Faculty & Staff

I am very grateful for one less worry during this difficult time. With elderly parents that I can’t visit, a husband who works in the financial services industry, and sons who like to be active I was concerned about the transition to going online with everyone working from home. It has actually been so easy. Advisors have reached out to help,
communication has been great, and I can’t believe how structured we have been in the house. I haven’t had to give the concern of school one thought after Wednesday, the boys are in a great routine right now; parents at other schools can’t say that. We are very appreciative to Austin Prep.

Jennifer Becker, Parent


I believe that it is particularly difficult to be in charge during a time like this, and I am very grateful for the administrators who have stayed up late watching the news, planning for the distribution of lap tops (while keeping us all far apart), and overseeing this movement to online classes. Not only have they been mobilized to help facilitate these things, they have offered (of their own accord) to be there by Zoom, phone, email, or text for each and every one of us should problems arise. Not only have they done these things, they have done them (often) with smiles on their faces and warmth in their voices.

Honestly, I have felt reassured, cared for, and appreciated during this whole experience. I came to Austin 14 years ago and can tell you that there is NO WAY I could have foreseen anything like this. Nor could I have known that I would come to love this place and the people in it so very much. It makes be proud to be a part of the Austin Family.

God Bless.

Leeann Blais, Faculty

Father Armano

His emails have been very comforting.

Eileen Caruso, Parent

The IT Department

For such a small crew, they have achieved such enormous things!
Not only have they completely hit the ball out of the park with how quickly they had to get the computers for the teachers up and running, they got them all to us in about an hour's time! INCREDIBLE.

They deserve extra applause for everything that they have done during this crisis, but they also deserve a shout out for what they do on a day to day basis. It can't be an easy thing to provide support to an entire school who has gone one to one, help out at our many events, and maintain the VAST world that is our "network."

I am so proud of them, and very, very, grateful for their talents and hard work!

Leeann Blais, Faculty

Dr. Hickey & Staff

The letter to the class of 2020 brought tears to my eyes because we are so cared about. If we can’t celebrate traditionally, I know we will find new ways to. Thank you!

Olivia Caruso, Student

Michael McLaughlin

Mr. McLaughlin always finds the time to find the positive spirit in his work. He conveys the notions of gratitude and attitude. I heard his voice the other day as my child was listening to some online class/guidance. His cheerful talk is an important factor at this difficult time. I am grateful to all the classroom teachers who put together classes on short notice, and who worked through teaching online.

Jill Harrison, Parent

Mr. A.

He invited the kids to a Friday evening Zoom just to chat and have fun and connect!

Julie Gilchrist, Parent

All AP Staff

For your amazing effort pulling together an online classroom to keep the kids connected, calm and engaged!

Julie Gilchrist, Parent


I’m so impressed with how quickly you have been able to convert your lessons to an online platform. My daughter is really happy to be back in school and I’m really grateful for all of your hard work.

Nicole Prince, Parent

The whole Austin Prep community

I am appreciative of you guys because you do everything in your power to make sure everyone is safe and gets the best academic experience they can get.

Emma Devlin, Student

All the teachers but especially Cheryl Amari

I'm stunned at the speed and efficiency these classes were up and running for everyone. Ms. Amari reached out about the freshmen class and has just been so pleasant and cheery and creative. A real pleasure to communicate with.

Alice Miller, Host Parent

Dr: Hickey & Staff

Everyone has gone above and beyond in keeping communication open at all levels in such a challenging time in everyone’s lives!

Eileen Caruso, Parent

Austin Prep Faculty

As a new family to Austin Prep, we are greatly appreciative of the efforts that the school has provided in order to bring online schooling to our son (freshman) during these uncertain times.
It has provided a sense of structure in a seamless manner. Aside from the valuable education piece this has provided, the communal feeling of him being able to connect and see his teachers and classmates on a daily basis is actually just as important if not, more.
AP is blessed with wonderful compassionate teachers who show they care a great deal about their students. Mrs. Harkins, Mrs. Sherry, and Mrs. Putney to name a few, have shown great support, empathy and some guidance as we have navigated through the first few months.
After completing his first semester, at AP, we feel settled into our new family community. Staying connected and positive through the next weeks will be very important. Thank you for all that you do!

Pamela Blessing, Parent

Mrs. Piccini

Mrs. Piccini has turned the online school into more than doing school from home. She asked my classmates and I to look at this as a challenge and conquer it with grace and determination. She validated our feelings of sadness, as it is hard for me and other seniors, and ensured us it is okay to be bummed while also telling us that during this time we have to appreciate what we can control. She encouraged us to be there for those who need us during this time. I appreciate how she changed my perspective and how she is spreading so much positivity.

Danielle Rich, Student


For developing a solid framework of transition to remote learning whilst allowing latitude in the methodology to delivery a continued high standard of education excellence to our students.

Elizabeth Farrell, Faculty

Mrs. Maria Blewitt

For her exceptional leadership and guidance of the Science Department.

Elizabeth Farrell, Faculty

Dr. Hickey, Father Armano, and the teachers

Over my last four years at Austin Prep, I have learned many valuable lessons. I have learned that if I work hard, nothing is impossible, I have learned to make the most of every opportunity, and I have learned that there is always light in dark times. Currently, we are living in the unknown. This is a time of uncertainty and fear. Never in a million years did I think there would be the possibility that I would not graduate high school like the rest of my family did, or attend my senior prom as I have been dreaming about since I was a kid. Being a senior and a student council member, I knew the exciting adventures the rest of the year had in store. It is devastating to hear the daily news because the effects of the virus seem to be getting worse and worse. The entire senior class is currently in a state of shock, desperate to go back to school and see our friends and teachers before the year ends. This situation is something new to the world and our Austin Prep community but we get to choose how we let this pandemic affect our lives. We could see it as something that is tearing our country and our world apart, or we could choose to see the light. Recently I heard reports of dolphins and wildlife returning to the canals in Venice, where they had not been seen for years. In the midst of the tragedy in Italy, there are beautiful life forms dancing in the water, seemingly shedding light on dark times. The pollution in the canals is said to have gone down and the air is clearer. In China, the smog has cleared up because of the factories that are closed. These are the stories we aren’t looking for in the news but we need to if we are going to survive this. I refuse to see this break from school and life as a bad thing, maybe the world just needed a second to breathe. The earth is in the process of healing itself and we don’t even realize that. My career at Austin Prep has taught me to not give up hope. Even when things seem to be going in the wrong direction, they always work themselves out. I want to thank Dr. Hickey for keeping us all updated on his thought process. I want to thank Father Armano for keeping our entire community in his prayers and encouraging us to do the same. Finally, I want to thank my teachers for attempting to give the students hope, while giving us a challenge on days where we find ourselves with nothing to do. If I have learned anything from my short yet long time away from school, it is that I have to appreciate the people who are supporting me every day and never take anything for granted. We are a strong community and I know we can make it through these difficult times. Keep your heads up Austin Prep, don’t forget we’re all in this together.

Cecilia Hall, Student

I’d like to commend JP, Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Desjardins, and the entire faculty

I appreciate JP, Mr. Driscoll, and Mr. Desjardins for their encouragement of our activity while we stay at home, this has really helped me stay on track with my workout routine and I’m so thankful for that. I also truly appreciate the entire faculty for taking the time to learn and set up the online learning process, I know it takes a lot to understand and use something new, so thank you!

Juliana Iannibelli, Student

Entire Austin Prep Staff

I am so thankful my children attend this school. The timely and transparent updates by Dr. Hickey are informative and helpful during these trying times. Father Armano’s daily prayers and meditation during these time is so much appreciated. The online learning provided by the staff, though not perfect is at least providing learning and connection for my children. Even my two sons say thank god we have online class as there is not much to do to break up these days of social distancing. I have been a parent at Austin Prep for 12 consecutive years and I am thankful that we are fortunate to be able to send them here as I feel like they are safe and their best interest is always at the forefront.

Barbara Ricci, Parent

Teachers, Administration and Staff

Thank you for all that you've done to keep students learning and feeling connected to the school community! It has been encouraging to see how quickly the teachers were able to shift gears, and adjust to online learning. We appreciate all that you do every day but are especially grateful at this difficult time.

Brenda Ackerley. Parent

The AP teaching staff and administrators

Thank you for all taking extra time to create new forms of lesson plans for the students, helping them to stay on track. Although this may not be the ideal setting , I do believe it is so important for the students to be in touch with their classmates and teachers. Keeping with some sense of routine. I truly feel this is helping them navigate through a very crazy time right now. Thank you all again for all you do for the students. Be safe and be well! Don’t forget to wash your hands:)

Lisa A Carey, Parent


They've given us the tools all year, they have given us every opportunity to succeed wether it be coming in early or staying late they often times sacrifice a lot of personal time and family time to help us grow as an Austin Prep community. My aunt always says that teaching is the most thankless job in the world and I believe that as a community we can start to change that. Our teachers are using everything they can to ensure we get an education including teaching us from home. They are the reason we are all still going so to them I say this, you are all more appreciated than you know!

Kendall Burke, Student

All the faculty that put together the online classes for our children

In such a short period of time, Austin Prep's faculty thought about on how to make the lives of our children more normal again. While we all navigate through this global crisis, our blessed children were thought of and their needs and desires with how will life be normal again were met in a quick and thorough manner. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Austin Prep Faculty for bringing teaching and the Austin community together again.

Monica Andrellos, Parent

Mr. McLaughlin and Middle School Faculty

The quick and effective implementation of the online learning platform is so impressive and greatly appreciated. They have managed to provide structure and some normalcy during this challenging time. Mr. McLaughlin has even personally reached out to check in with us as one of his advisees. It's clear that the AP community is working tirelessly for our kids. Thank you!

Alicia H. Walsh, Parent

Middle School Administration and Teachers

Thank you Mr. McLaughlin, Mrs. Blais and Ms. Chapman for the informative emails you sent this week. I felt very prepared to help Malerie get started on her online learning journey. Austin Prep’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak was swift and reassuring. I am extremely impressed by the fact that with only two days to prep, an online learning experience was implemented. Thank you all for your dedication. I am sure you have put in some very long days. You are the best of the best, and in times like these, that becomes very apparent! God bless!

Sherene Lague, Parent

All the teaching staff, their leader Dr. Hickey and their supporters

When I walk by my daughter’s room (who is a senior) I can hear her conversing with other students and her teachers. And it’s an academic conversation, trust me I know the difference between Xbox and FaceTime conversations. I appreciate the continued learning experiences she will need to strengthen her mind for college. Routine is such a comfort and Austin is keeping these kids in a positive momentum that will pay off when they need it. I am so grateful for our daughter’s entire AP career.

Pamela Miller Jenks, Parent

Mr. Adeboye

Today after school was over, knowing the kids were likely bored from having to stay put, Mr. Adeboye reached out to them for an early evening zoom session where he was able to encourage community and laughter with jokes and storytelling. He even incorporated extra help in this session too! All this on a Friday after school! My daughter was laughing long after it ended- an emotion we desperately need in times like these! Thank you Mr. A!

Robin Loporchio, Parent

I would like to commend the entire staff and anyone involved in getting the online classes up and running

We appreciate the efforts that were put into place to conform to the current situation. The teachers, advisors, and staff have been very supportive and communicative to make this online adjustment go smoothly. Among the many disappointments these seniors are having and will probably have, the best of efforts are being made to keep everyone up to date, safe and positive. There are just some things that are out of our control. Prayers to all.

Maria Mangano, Parent

All staff

I am very appreciative of all the time and effort you are putting into keeping my child learning. Thank you all so very much!

Traci Medeiros, Parent

Dr. Hickey, Mr. McLaughlin, and the entire faculty and staff

Thank you for launching the remote teaching in such a timely and efficient manner! A big shout out to Mr. Maradei for advisory, Father Patrick for sharing the reflection and prayers and to Mr. Driscoll for the 21 day workout challenge!

Sheeba Arnold, Parent

The whole staff at AP

The way all of you have adapted to this situation is fantastic. My daughter said after the first day of classes at home, she felt like she saw all her friends. She wants to get back to school. She says she loves AP. We even did a drive by today. Thank you!

Debra Sullivan, Parent

Fr. Patrick Armano

For his pastoral guidance - particularly with the “Moment of Reflection” emails each morning.

Elizabeth Farrell, Faculty


I'm thankful for online classes with the AP's teachers. The connection is more important today than it ever was before. I give the school and the teachers a lot of credit for putting this together so quickly for our students. It's engaging and gives my son something to think about during the day. Thank you! Stay healthy and safe!

Gwen Lawson, Parent

AP staff

Thank you for your dedication to our students. You have all gone above and beyond during this difficult time! We are grateful to be a part of this community. Stay safe!

Lena, Parent

Teachers and staff

Teachers and Advisors, especially, the way they have communicated with the students through home schooling. I'm so appreciative, as well of Dr. Hickey for his constant communication and updates and Fr. Armano for his spiritual emails and prayers. I hope we can get through this quickly and efficiently, so we can see our seniors who have worked so hard wear their cap and gown and walk across that stage. A special shout out to Mrs. Petrillo my son's advisor. She's wonderful! Thank you to all of you.

Gabrielle Agrippino, Parent

Faculty & Staff

Thank you all for this tremendous coordination and communication to enable remote teaching and learning! Very impressive success and to have all the technology ready almost immediately after the announcement. In conversations, I haven’t come across another school so organized and prepared. Having Zoom has allowed the students to still see and connect with classmates and teaches and feel less isolated during this stressful time. With gratitude from the Bourque family and best wishes for all to stay healthy. Many thanks!

Cheryl Bourque, Parent

Entire Community

Through this entire experience Paul’s education is one thing we have not had to worry about! Nothing has been interrupted from classroom to spiritual, to workouts! We are so grateful to all. You’ve covered everything! Thank you!

The Collins Family

Mr. Ford

I am very appreciative of my advisor Mr. Ford. He has been consistently staying in touch with us and making sure we do not need anything. I have really liked our morning advisory calls, he helps keep us all positive. I really miss being at school and seeing everyone and I feel as if Mr Ford has helped keep some normalcy during all of this. Thank you, Mr Ford!

Benjamin Sperling, Student

Austin Prep Staff

In such a trying time, I am so thankful and grateful to the dedicated teachers and staff at Austin Prep for helping our kids to continue to learn and maintain a sense of normalcy. Thank you to each and every one of you! We have always been so thankful to be a part of the Austin community, now more than ever.

Tracy Geary, Parent

Teachers and Administration/Leadership

With very little time, you have been able to deliver a quality educational experience to the students. The online classes are working well to maintain the important personal connection between faculty and students. The innovation, quick response, and effective leadership displayed by Austin Prep is impressive. All of these actions, along with the spiritual guidance and comfort provided by Father Armano to the Austin Prep community are greatly appreciated!

Eileen DiNanno, Parent

Austin Prep leadership, faculty, and staff

Our family is so appreciative of the swift and seamless transition to remote learning provided through the dedicated leadership, faculty and staff. It’s comforting to know we are in the good hands of such incredible academic professionals. Thank you all!!

Carol McDonough, Parent

Coaching Staff

Thank you to all of the Coaches who have organized team "check ins" through the Zoom app and "work out challenges". The "unitas" is greatly appreciated as our student athletes are motivated to keep up their training.

Maryellen Iannibelli, Parent

Dr. Hickey, Fr. Armano, and the entire Austin Prep faculty

During these times of uncertainty, strong leadership is essential. By 'leadership' - I am suggesting that our Austin Prep community is looking for care, comfort, support, and empathy - while also seeking direction and clarity regarding next steps, the future, etc. None of this is easy, and everything is very fluid. The continuous communication, thoughts, and prays provided by the Austin Prep staff has been nothing short of exceptional. All of it is welcomed, very helpful, and extremely refreshing. Although the Austin Prep community is unable to come together in a live setting during these times, the steps and measures Austin Prep leadership has taken to ensure the students stay engaged and involved with their studies has been extraordinary. My family and I appreciate, and feel closer to, Austin Prep more than ever...and it's a reflection of the tremendous leadership of Dr. Hickey, Fr. Armano, and the entire faculty. In times like these we truly experience and celebrate the Austin Prep tradition and full meaning of truth, unity and love. Thank you for all that you do!
"Leadership: The capacity and will to rally people to a common purpose together with the character that inspires confidence and trust." --Bernard Montgomery

Joe Zuccola, Parent

The entire staff at AP

I am so incredibly appreciative of the time and effort by all the administrators and staff for setting up remote learning to give my daughter a routine. I am incredibly appreciative of the tweets by Pat Driscoll (and now student athletes as well) to keep my daughter active. I am thankful for my daughter's friends through out the Austin Prep community who continue to lift her up via FaceTime, SnapChat, etc. Lastly, I am so thankful for the hopeful outlook by Dr. Hickey -- the fact that you are not canceling anything else at this time and are willing to entertain the idea of alternative formats/venues, if possible, is more than I could ask for as a parent. You have no idea what that little slice of hope means to my family. Thank you all for taking time away from your own families to continue to foster relationships with ours!

Sheryl Tarpey, Parent

All AP Teachers

I would like to express my profound appreciation to the entire staff at Austin for the quick and near seamless transition to the online learning platform. It has certainly provided a sense of normalcy and routine for our son and he enjoys seeing his friends again each day. It does make me wish that our 10th grade daughter could receive the same opportunity and support from her public high school.

Todd Dyment, Parent

School Overall

I think the response to Covid by Austin has been exceptional. The ability to pivot and train staff/students so seamlessly is to be commended. I honestly believe it should be used as a model for other schools going forward.

Sheila and Philip Clarke, Parents

The 8th and 9th grade teachers

The Austin Prep remote learning classes have been a godsend! Cheers!

Nicole Kelesoglu, Parent

Administration and Teachers

Thank you very much for your dedicated efforts over the past few weeks getting this elearning system up and running. At a minimum, you have played a significant role in giving my children a distraction from a crazy time. The fact they will be receiving an education is beyond expectations. Thanks again.

Jonathan Wilcox, Parent

The Austin Prep Community

It is not just during these unexpected times that we feel grateful and blessed to be part of the Austin Prep community. It is everyday! Thank you always, the Gouveia’s, -Serry, Mannie, Madison and Serry Jr., Stay safe and healthy

Mannie Gouveia, Parent

Austin Administration

So grateful for everyone in this beautiful administration for being so proactive and helping us all through this difficult time. Much regards and gratitude!

Jharna Madan, Parent

Michael McLaughlin and Michelle Connor

They have been so helpful with teaching us how to use Zoom, and have been able to find solutions almost as fast as our students have come up with loopholes! They are quick to get back to us if we have any questions and have sent out plenty of tips throughout the week.

Heather Veit, Faculty

Austin Prep School faculty and staff

We are so grateful for the distance learning that is being provided to the students. It is important to continue on with as much structure and normalcy that is possible during this unfamiliar and difficult time.

Kerrie Deehan, Parent

The entire faculty and administrative team at Austin Prep

Thank you all for accelerating and rolling out on-line learning. Now more than ever, it's important for the kids to be able to maintain some sense of normalcy and social interaction with their classmates. The ability of the faculty and administrative team to roll out on-line learning as quickly as they did is nothing short of extraordinary. While many communities struggle to construct and roll out on-line learning, Austin Prep took immediate action and got way ahead of the curve. The kids are exercising their brains, socializing with their instructors and fellow students and being held accountable for assignments - all terrific steps which help to maintain some normalcy during a far-from-normal time. Thank you to the entire Austin Prep administration and faculty!!!

Jim Burns, Parent

The teachers, students and administrators

I am appreciative of how quickly APS was able to implement an online learning community and keep our kids engaged. It has been nice to hear my daughter’s engagement with her classmates.

Jennifer Silver, Parent​​​​​​​

The Students

The students deserve some credit for adjusting to a new normal. They have taken this in stride, adjusted to online learning, and have done it very well. It is not easy to have some of your high school experience taken away or disrupted and I feel for all of the kids who miss their friends. You are doing well with this! We will get you back on campus as soon as we can!  

Matt Karis, Faculty

The Austin Prep Faculty and Staff

I just want to say thank you the AP faculty and staff for holding our community together during this crisis.

Dominick McDonough, Student

Administration and Faculty

The way the Austin Prep community has responded to this crisis has validated further why I love this school so much. We have leadership and faculty who are resilient, hardworking, and adaptive. They implemented a whole new system of learning in a matter of days that has helped the students to continue their education and also find some sense of normalcy during this time that is anything but. Thank you to Dr. Hickey for his consistent communication and especially for his letter to the Class of 2020. He made us feel valued and understood as all of us seek to navigate and come to terms with what has been, and will continue to be, an unconventional way to end our high school career.

Cat Bravo, Student

The History Department

I am impressed with the way my colleagues have adapted to this style of teaching and supporting our students, especially those balancing the demands of homeschooling our own kids and supporting our Austin kids! Our students have been engaged and adapted quickly to the new expectations! To quote President Harding, I look forward to "returning to normalcy" soon.

Nate Piccini, Faculty

Leadership, Faculty and Staff

We are very appreciative of Austin Prep's positive response to this current situation. We can not thank you enough for implementing an online learning program so quickly and seamlessly. We are grateful for the daily school schedule to help maintain a routine and normalcy for the students. Thank you to the leadership and faculty for all of your ongoing communication. We can feel the Austin community in our house!

Adam & Amy Sperling, Parents


All the teachers at Austin are putting in the time and effort to learn a new way to teach so we can have online classes, stay together as a school, and won’t have to go to school in the summer.

Gavin Brady, Student

Mrs. Connor

Great math teacher who makes the subject a lot less boring and helps me stay engaged. She also always helps not only me but many others when they need it and is always in a positive and fun attitude even when times aren’t great!

Andrew Fetten, Student

8th Grade Teachers

The mobile teaching through Zoom has been instrumental during this difficult time. Focused & engaged kids = happy parents! (Not to mention less frying of their brains with less time for gaming!) Thank you for instituting this initiative so quickly. Greatly appreciated!

Jenn Robichaud, Parent

Senora Theriault, Coach Harkins and the entire academic team

The level of compassion and communication offered during this very confusing time has been greatly appreciated by myself and my student.

Christine Mawn, Parent

Entire Senior Class of 2020

I'd like to commend the entire class of 2020! With this current situation serving as a sign of uncertainty for what the immediate future holds, we thank you for your patience and understanding. While we're not yet sure of how the remaining days of your senior year will play out, or how we can still make those milestones memorable, we want you to know we care and we love you. We are grateful for your continued commitment to your academics and we will do our best to make the last weeks of your Austin experience something to look forward to. I appreciate their speedy response in getting remote learning to all students so that the kids can continue with their education.

Jodi Brown

Mr. A.

Went above and beyond by hosting a zoom call at 6 pm Friday to talk to the kids about how to stay socially connected during this time . He said at the beginning of the year that building relationships with students was important to him - guess what? You’re hitting it out of the park! Thank you!!!!!

Tricia Callaway, Parent

Austin Prep Tech Department and Faculty

I am so thankful to have a group of teachers and faculty at Austin that are able to think outside of the box and jump on new innovative ways to learn in a crisis such as this. They are supportive, intelligent, and most of all, so appreciated! Thank you for working so hard to put together something so helpful for the community while we quarantine. The teachers in the past week have been the most understanding and soft I have ever seen, truly appreciative of how the situation is affecting all of us. This does not discredit their level of understanding and compassion during the past years, however. I am so lucky to attend a school where the faculty is a crucial and key component to the community and all of the students’ success. I know there is going to be good coming out of this, and positive karma will be bountifully repaid.

Cat Mawn, Student

Track Coaches

They are sending out fun instagram posts to keep the kids connected even when they can't train together.

Michelle Roselli, Parent


Thanking Mr. Diapella and others I am sure of keeping parents informed and asking us for feedback if needed. I know there was a lot of work put into doing this and keeping our kids from going stir crazy!

Michelle Roselli, Parent

Ms. Petrillo

She makes math a lot more fun and manageable. PreCalc Honors is one of the hardest courses at Austin Prep in the math department. When we went to virtual school, I was very nervous about this class, but Ms. Petrillo's videos make it very simple to learn math. Thank you, Ms. Petrillo, for always helping out our class and making videos to help us learn!

Ariana Clark

Nicole Luongo, My Doan, Cynthia Pitta

Nicole, My and Cynthia have worked tirelessly to help reinvent the college preparatory course to work into an online format, assist seniors through the college decision process, and continue to find ways to interact with students. They are always student first and constantly finding ways to improve our program. College Counseling is a success because of them!

Brian Ford, Staff

Elizabeth Farrell

I appreciate Ms. Farrell's positive and consistent emails - especially her personal and specific comment regarding my daughter, "In the meantime, we will do our best to continue to provide Morgan with a measure of continuity, normalcy and community!" As a mother, this statement greatly comforts me. Thank you~

Linda Price, Parent

Kim Esakof

Mrs. Esakof has been exceptionally patient, kind and supportive through difficult times!

Jen Hart, Parent

All teachers and staff

A huge thank you to all the teachers who are going above and beyond to make remote learning a success. I'd like to recognize Mr. Malvey (my daughter's advisor) who makes every advisory session a positive experience (whether in school or now remotely). Special shout out to Mr. Costello who scheduled a zoom session with the Freshman Girls Basketball team as a chance to get together and share some laughs.(and keep the girls feeling connected to AP)!

Liz Millett, Parent

Stephen Williams

He has helped my child hone his musical skills and support his path to BU!

Jen Hart, Parent

Pat Costello

Coach Pat just set up a group chat for himself and the 5 senior basketball girls. He went out of his way to check on them and bring them together. So very kind. I continue to be amazed by the thoughtfulness of the AP staff during this difficult time!

Sheryl Tarpey, Parent

Austin Prep Faculty

Thank you for your prompt efforts with creating a virtual learning environment!

Alexandria Pasquale, Parent

Nurse Kim & Ms. Holch

Both Nurse Kim and Ms. Holch have been a wonderful resource for our students. They’re supportive, understanding, compassionate and non-judgemental. I believe they’ve been a tremendous help to our entire student body and have been able to set many of minds at ease. Not just now, but throughout the school year. Their role in shaping how our children deal with stress or anxiety or social discord is invaluable. With so much of this remaining school year left to be an unknown, it’s reassuring to know that our kids have the kind of support they need to help them make sense of it all.

Samantha Klipper , Parent

Facilities Staff and Cleaners

I'd like to thank my staff, Steve, Mark, Duane and Al for all their efforts during these challenging times. They are a truly dedicated group and take great pride in Austin Prep.
In addition, the nightly cleaning crew from Sanitrol, has worked diligently, sanitizing every inch of the school, I appreciate their commitment.

Mike Fahey, Director of Facilities

Dr. Hickey, the Faculty, and Staff

I am so impressed with the forward-thinking and foresight on the part of Dr. Hickey that went into setting up the technology even before the statewide school closure was announced. The dedication of the faculty and staff to plan, train, and execute the transition to online instruction is just amazing. It's really inspiring to see so many people come together to carry out their mission in these unprecedented times. In a crisis, we find out what we are capable of achieving and I am so grateful that the entire school community is leading the way forward during this time of crisis. Thank you!

Alicia Sasser Modestino, Parent

All staff

We are so grateful to have a teaching community at Austin Prep that rallied and put together a means for our children to continue their curriculum. I know this wasn’t easy to do and took a lot of extraordinary amount of collaboration and effort. By doing this, you have demonstrated to our children. by example, a true commitment to learning ! Thank you ❤️

The Weldons, Parents

Faculty & Students

In looking back over the past week, we are thankful for the expression of our core value of Veritas - the pursuit of truth - in action. Our faculty colleagues demonstrated what it means to be a lifelong learner in seizing hold of the videoconferencing technology and exploring ways to maximize the student experience in the virtual realm. We are proud of our faculty for having the confidence and humility to learn a new technology in real-time in front of their students. We are likewise thankful to our students for their patience, persistence, and positive attitudes as we transitioned from Willow Street to the web. We miss having face-to-face instead of FaceTime conversations with you all and commend you for your resilience!

Michael McLaughlin and Michelle Connor, Staff

Michelle Connor and Michael McLaughlin

I am appreciative for all the instruction and help with adjusting to running my classes remotely via Zoom.

Amy Cole, Faculty

Natalie Petrillo

I am appreciative for all the support that Natalie has provided during our transition to remote learning. I am especially thankful for her guidance on how to create personalized instructional videos for my students.

Amy Cole, Faculty

Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Reusch

Both Mr. McLaughlin & Mr. Reusch consistently demostrate their dedication. Whether it is taking time out of their day to attend a sporting event, making a phone call or shooting an email to ensure everything is in alignment. It does not go unnoticed! Thanks for all you do!

Caroline Knowles, Parent

The entire AP staff

Thank you all for the quick action getting together a plan for our children. From the super informative emails, the teachers for doing the best then can virtually. The advisors (my son's is Ms. Pita) reaching out and being able to chat with her today was amazing and even getting a workout challenge. These are not easy times and I commend you for trying your best! Be healthy everyone.

Carrie Burns, Parent

ER doctors and nurses

I am appreciative of doctors and nurses because they are giving everything they have including their own safety to keep others alive. I commend them for their perseverance and bravery during this time. Truly heroes!

Michelle Laferriere, Student

Brian Ford, Cyndy Pitta, Nicole Luongo

As the newest member to the College Counseling team, I am proud of the way my colleagues have rolled up their sleeves to recreate our curriculum, jump into the virtual classrooms, and keep our students engaged with the college process. You've been incredible mentors - THANK YOU!

My Doan, Staff

Everyone at AP

We’re grateful for all of the time and effort that the entire staff has dedicated keeping things as normal as possible during this unprecedented time. It has been great to have our boys stay connected and continue learning. The transition has been extremely smooth and that’s a credit to everyone at AP working together to support one another.

The Brosnans, Parents

Fr. Armano, Ms. Doan, Mr. Tebbens

We’d also like to give special thanks to Fr. Armano for his inspirational daily emails and his prayers. Also, we’re very grateful for the continued support from our sons’ Advisors, Ms. Doan and Mr. Tebbens. They have great throughout this transition.

The Brosnans, Parents

Mr. A

Mr A. giving us all life! He continues to be a pillar of light for the kids! And it continues well past 1:45! Friday 6 pm zoom hours - keeping kids socially connected in a meaningful way. I’m so grateful to have adults in my kids’ life like Mr A.! A true gem.

Tricia Callaway

AP administration and middle school teachers

I am amazed at how quickly and how well AP was able to bring together an online school experience. Your program has kept my middle schooler engaged in her studies. You’ve delivered structure and stability during a time when everything is in a constant state of flux. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do! You should all be so proud of the excellent educational model you designed and implemented!

Cindi Hanley, Parent