Day of Service

On Thursday, November 9th, the entire student body and faculty focused on the third part of our Mission, hands to serve, by participating in the 3rd Annual Day of Service.

The day began and ended with presentations by filmmaker and philanthropist Mr. Jonathan Ronzio, founder of Explore Inspired. Mr. Ronzio spoke about his experiences in, and lessons learned from, volunteerism in action.

Students spent the morning in Reading, Mattapan, Beverly, Wilmington, Stoneham, Lawrence, Woburn, Lynnfield, Lynn, and Tewksbury at numerous sites providing much needed help - clearing trails and nature centers of debris and trash, assisting at therapy farms, spending time with residents in nursing homes, and feeding those in need at soup kitchens.

They returned to school for lunch and after, the students took the time to show their gratitude to our military by writing letters to veterans. It was a chance to focus on the meaning of Veterans Day and further reflect on what it means to serve others and be a leader.

Austin Prep’s Day of Service began three years ago as a way to mark the birthday of our Patron, St. Augustine. Through firsthand experience and volunteering, students build partnerships within our community and the larger surrounding communities.

Thank you to Karaline Foley ’20Mr. Rob Taylor, Art & Design Faculty, and Mr. Michael McLaughlin, Head of Middle School, for the photos.


This video was produced by Dara Syed ’19 and Ethan Tilley ’19 and highlights the cleanup the juniors performed at the Woburn Conservation Commission Community Gardens.


Community Service

Service work gives students the opportunity to reach out to others who truly need what they have to offer: their time and their talents. Students can experience and share God’s love in concrete ways through their words and their actions in ministry to others. They can make a real difference in the lives of others. The service experience can also lead to self-discovery and self-growth. Hopefully, students will come to realize through this process that they receive far more than they could ever give, for service to our neighbors is service to God.

All students are required to perform community service every year, and community service hours are a graduation requirement for seniors. Requirements are posted at the beginning of each academic year for all students and must be completed by the deadlines assigned.

Students work with the Chaplain on selecting places and projects that fulfill the goal of service to others.

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