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Main Office
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
Summer hours (mid-June through mid-August): Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm 

Office of the Headmaster
781.944.4900 x822 

Office of Admissions
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
781.944.4900 x770 

Office of Athletics
781.944.4900 x825 

Administration & Staff

Office of External Affairs (Admissions, Advancement, Alumni & Communications)

Ms. Susan Belanger, Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs (

Ms. Julianne Bloise, Director of Communications (

Mr. Michael O'Brien, Director of Admissions (

Mr. Steve Silverthorn, Assistant Director of Admissions (

Ms. Ashley Eldridge, Administrative Assistant (

Ms. Erica Hedrick, Administrative Assistant (

Office of Academic Affairs

Mr. Sean Brennan, Assistant Headmaster and Head of Upper School (

Mr. Michael McLaughlin, Head of Middle School

Ms. Claudia Colannino, Registrar (

Office of Athletics

Mr. Jonathan Pollard ’97, Director of Athletics (

Ms. Jocelyn O'Sullivan, Athletics Department Coordinator (

Ms. Amy Schwartzkopf, Athletics Department Coordinator (

Ms. Alyssa Laslovich, Athletic Trainer (

Business Office

Mr John Weber, Chief Financial Officer (

Ms. Patricia Fothergill, Manager of Human Resources & Accounting (

Ms. Allyson Jaena, Manager of Student Billing & Financial Aid (

Office of College Advisement & Counseling

Mr. Brian J. Ford, Director of College Counseling (

Ms. Jessica Lenci, Middle School Counselor (

Ms. Nicole Luongo, College Counselor (

Ms. Cynthia Pitta, College Counselor (

Ms. Nicole Siciliano, College Counselor (

Department of Facilities

Mr. Allen Drelick, Director of Facilities (

Mr. Steven Kintigos

Mr. Duane Sandler

Mr. Mark Spengler

Food Services (NexDine)

Chef Kevin Chaves, Dining Hall Manager (

Office of the Headmaster

Dr. James Hickey, Ph.D., Headmaster ( 

Ms. Judy Reynolds, Executive Assistant to the Headmaster (

Department of Technology

Ms. Jill Bonina, Director of Technology (

Mr. Benjamin Gemski, Media Coordinator (

Mr. Bradley Harkins, Academic Technology Coordinator (

Mr. Erik Smith, Database Implementation Specialist (

Health and Wellness

Ms. Hope Rupley, Health and Wellness Counselor (

Ms. Jennifer Sawyer, RN, BSN, CSN - Nurse (

Office of Student Life

Mr. Jason Sport, Dean of Students (

Ms. Jessica Durham, Coordinator of Student Activities (

Ms. Tina Schiavone, Administrative Assistant (

Office of Campus Ministry

Fr. Patrick Armano, Chaplain (

Ms. Deborah Gray, (

Ms. Laurene Costello, Administrative Assistant (

International Program

Mr. Jeremy Adams, Language and Culture Teacher (

Dr. PoChun Cindy Wang, Coordinator of International Programs (

Fr. Smith Library & Media Center

Ms. Teresa Wallace, Library Assistant (

Main Office

Ms. Laurene Costello, Administrative Assistant (

Ms. Tina Schiavone, Administrative Assistant (


Faculty by Department

Department of Art & Design

Ms. Marla Pascucci-Byrne, Department Chair & Director of Dance (

Mr. Christopher Aldrich, Theater (

Mr. Bradley Harkins, Technology (

Mr. Joseph Leary, Instrumental Music & Band Director (

Mr. Michael McLaughlin, Technology (

Ms. Heather Scott, Art (

Ms. Tanja Sport, Art & Techonolgy (

Mr. Robert Taylor, Technology (

Dr. PoChun Cindy Wang, Technology (

Mr. Stephen Williams, Music & Choral Director (

Department of English

Mr. Vincent Parrella, Department Chair (

Ms. Leeann Blais (

Ms. Lori Courtney (

Ms. Nancy Der Sarkisian (

Mr. Matthew Diapella ’98 (

Mr. James Dowd ’69 (

Ms. Jessica Foster (

Ms. Stephanie Grace (

Mr. Tim Lane (

Ms. Sally Maijenski (

Ms. Marla Pascucci-Byrne (

Ms. Nicole Putney (

Department of Foreign Languages

Ms. Celia Barletta, Department Chair (

Mr. Christopher Ayers (

Ms. Maureen DiPerna (

Ms. Linda Filadoro (

Mr. Robert Hennessy (

Ms. Li Li (

Mr. Gary Mackiewicz (

Ms. Linda Sherry (

Mr. Roger Stone (

Ms. Lisa Theriault (

Dr. PoChun Cindy Wang (

Department of History

Mr. Nathan Piccini ’93, Department Chair (

Mr. Anthony Benning (

Mr. Anthony Biscardi ’88 (

Ms. Samantha DiVito (

Ms. Kristen Donnelly (

Ms. Emily Gatti (

Mr. Edward MacKenzie ’99 (

Mrs. Nicole Piccini (

Ms. Jessica Swindell (

Mr. Ted Williams (

Department of Mathematics

Ms. Natalie Petrillo Department Chair (

Mr. Michael Baccari ’03 (

Ms. Michele Brewer (

Ms. Jessica Durham (

Ms. Alison Fish (

Ms. Doreen Fuller (

Ms. Eugenia Georges (

Mr. Bill Green (

Ms. Kathryn Haughn (

Ms. Sarah Meier (

Mr. Brian Regan (

Ms. Carolyn Warner (

Department of Science

Ms. Elizabeth Farrell, Department Chair (

Ms. Stacey Bishop (

Ms. Maria Blewitt (

Mr. Eric Bordua (

Mr. Christopher Capone ’88 (

Mr. Bill Green (

Ms. Kathryn Haughn (

Ms. Lori Lambert-Osburn (

Mr. Bill Maradei (

Ms. Jeannie Maurand (

Dr. Ricardo Vanegas, Ph.D. (

Department of Theology

Dr. Michael Lescault, Department Chair (

Ms. Cheryl Amari (

Mr. Peter DeLuca (

Ms. Maureen DiPerna (

Ms. Deborah Gray (

Ms. Kayla Greenwood (

Ms. Meghan Harkins (

Mr. George Malvey (

Ms. Doreen Miele (

Mr. Andrew Reusch (

Mr. Tim Lane (

101 Willow Street  •  Reading, MA 01867
Phone: (781) 944 - 4900  •  Fax: (781) 944 - 7530

Austin Preparatory School is a Catholic private school in Reading, MA for Middle School and High School students in grades 6-12. We seek to cultivate the hearts and minds of our young students and provide an environment in which our students can successfully learn, grow, and develop beyond the classroom.

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