1:1 Device Program

We think that the advent of the iPad and similar devices, combined with the increasing amount of content available on the web (much of it solely on the web), is a seminal development in education. Previous technologies were for the most part tools used to enhance existing educational methods at high cost and with a steep learning curve. The relatively low cost, ease of use, immersive interactivity, and connectivity of the iPad make it not merely a tool, but a learning and communications environment. Over time, it has the potential to change the way education is done.

The goals of the plan include:

  • Creating a student-driven learning environment
  • Preparing students to engage in the affairs of the world
  • Engaging students in real world situations
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration to promote effective learning and the ethical and respectful use of technology
  • Empowering teachers to design dynamic, engaging learning environments to challenge, inspire and reach the needs of learners
  • Providing equitable access to technology tools for all students

We have provided a number of resources for you in this folder and we encourage you to read them in their entiretly. Should you have any questions, please email the Department of Technology at apsedtech@austinprep.org.

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