Upper School Community Service

The Mission Statement of Austin Preparatory School emphasizes the importance of lives of service to others in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Volunteer work gives our students the opportunity to reach out to others who truly need what they have to offer: their time and their talents. Students can experience and share God’s love in concrete ways through their words and their actions in ministry to others. They can make a real difference in the lives of others.

The service experience can also lead to self-discovery and self-growth. Hopefully our students will come to realize through this process that they receive far more than they could ever give, for service to others is service to God and promotes self-awareness and maturity. As Jesus said, “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

The commitment to service to others is a graduation requirement for all Austin Prep Upper School students. Students must complete a total of 40 service hours over four years to be eligible for graduation. This graduation requirement is absolute and non-negotiable. The deadline to complete all service hours and submit the accompanying paper work is December 1st of senior year.

It is strongly recommended that students complete at least 10 hours of service every school year. This practice will ensure the ease of attaining the required total 40 hours.

All documents for the Austin Service Program (Registration Form, Site Supervisor’s Evaluation, Service Paper Guidelines) are available below.


1. Select a service opportunity (or opportunities)

Ms. Kaitlin Brenninkmeyer must give approval before any service work is begun. Select a service opportunity and fill out the Registration Form. Students performing service at more than one site must complete a registration form for each site.

Service work must be completely voluntarily. Students may not be paid or compensated in any way for their work. Service hours may not be credited from another program, activity or club.

Students must work with people in real need. Summer camps or programs for children with disabilities or in need of special instruction, working with the elderly, or serving at agencies that provide direct support and assistance to people in need are ideal. Students may volunteer in their place of worship, their town, with local community efforts to help people in need, such as soup kitchens, food pantries, nursing homes, assisted living homes, hospitals, and the like. 

2. Email Ms. Kaitlin Brenninkmeyer

Email Ms. Brenninkmeyer to discuss your proposed service site and the work you will be doing there. Her email is kaitlyn.brenninkmeyer@austinprep.org.

3. Receive approval and begin service work

Once approved, Ms. Brenninkmeyer will sign the registration form(s) and service work may begin.



Service hours must be completed outside of school hours - during the summer, or vacation times, or on weekends or in the evenings. Students may work with other Austin students at a service site. Service hours must be verified by the signature of the supervisor at each site. 



Students will write and submit a Service Paper to Ms. Brenninkmeyer in person on or before April 12th of their senior year. The paper will be graded PASS/FAIL.

Once students have completed all the hours of their service requirement, they must write a paper three full pages in length using the required format, reflecting on what they learned with regard to their understanding of God, themselves, and others from their entire experience of service. Please see the guidelines below.

For questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Kaitlin Brenninkmeyer at kaitlyn.brenninkmeyer@austinprep.org or 781.944.4900.



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Austin Preparatory School is a Catholic private school in Reading, MA for Middle School and High School students in grades 6-12. We seek to cultivate the hearts and minds of our young students and provide an environment in which our students can successfully learn, grow, and develop beyond the classroom.

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