Panama Service Trip 2018



Day 1

As soon as we got out of the airport, you could tell the difference in the culture immediately. Once we settled into Posada 1914, our trip guides, Michelle and Gilberto, took us for a walk along the shore to Casco Viejo. Along the bike and walking paths was community rec centers. Kids played basketball, soccer, ping-pong, and volleyball. Families laid on the grass or got shaved ice (to combat the heat), not unlike a Saturday afternoon in Boston Common.

The old city felt genuine. There were buildings with the original facades intact, but newly renovated apartments. These up and coming buildings were situated next to gutted ones with no roofs. The stark difference was striking. Some places only had a facade and lots of plants growing inside. The church that we went to, San Jose, was so beautiful and breathtaking. Everything was well taken care of, from the church to the houses to the shops and restaurants. The place we went for dinner was really small and cute. The food was so good and unlike anything we might get at home.

- Julia D. and Niamh G.

Posted by Ms. Julianne Bloise on Monday July, 9, 2018 at 01:46PM

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