Panama Service Trip 2018



Day 2

Today we did our first service projects with the Kuna people. We helped them paint and clean the community school to get ready for the new school year. After working for a few hours, we went to lunch in one of the classrooms where we also gave some of the donations to the women who run the school. The work we did was really helpful in making us realize how much we take for granted because we have never had to do anything without them. Many of the classrooms had windows with no coverings, so if there were large waves, they could easily crash through and flood the classrooms. We also got to spend time with the local children. We talked to them and played some basketball with them. When we took out the stickers, they were so excited and enjoyed them very much. After, we got back on the boats to head back to the island we were staying on to get ready for snorkeling. For snorkeling, we split up into two groups. Both groups saw sea urchins and fish, the first group saw lobsters and the second group saw a sting ray. After both groups had concluded the snorkeling, we had dinner and discussed the plans for the next day. We finished off the day with a Birthday Bonfire to celebrate two group members 17th birthday and made s’mores!

– Riley M.

Posted by Ms. Julianne Bloise on Monday July, 9, 2018 at 01:47PM

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