Panama Service Trip 2018



Day 4

We woke up at Posada 1914 today and we had a nice breakfast. Then, off we went to the Panama Canal. It was a huge and it is very blue. The water was filled up so high on the right side of the canal. We went up the elevator to the fourth floor to see the top view looking down at the large boats. We all saw a professional photographer with props and we all decided to get a group picture. After, we either saw the movie screening or souvenir shopped at the Panama Canal. Later in the day, we were on the road to Santa Fe. We drove 2 hours to Yuka to stop and eat a late lunch. Then after we drove 4 hours to Santa Fe to meet our families. On our way there, we sand together and bonded with each other, it became an enjoyable ride with enjoyable people. Hours later we arrived in Santa Fe and met our great families. After meeting with them, we left with them back to their house. Even though our day was long, we enjoyed every minute of it!

– Elise M. and Josh A.

Posted by Ms. Julianne Bloise on Monday July, 9, 2018 at 01:47PM

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