Costa Rica Service Trip 2018



Days 1 and 2

Hola from Cedral!

We have had a very eventful and jam packed couple of days. We arrived at a beautiful hotel in San Jose for the first night and then we would venture off to Cedral. On the way we stopped at the basilica and for lunch. For lunch there was an amazing view of the mountains and the food was interesting, but good. The views on the bus ride were to die for. Everything is so green and beautiful and the people here are so happy. All of us are bonding so well. Everyone in the group is participating and having fun. We didn’t know what to expect but this group of people is meshing really well and creating a second family. On the bus we all listened to oldies off Ava’s speaker and sang along. Everywhere I look I’m surrounded by trees and plants. Once we left the mountains we left to go into the city for ice cream. Then 45 minutes later we would arrive at our homestays to meet our new families for the next 4 days. When we first all gathered in the church we were greeted with local treats and juice. Everyone seemed so happy to see us. We were all so excited to settle down and experience the costa rican culture. There were dogs everywhere and they were all so friendly and cute. Everyone’s family was different some had kids, pets and others were alone. We played card games, laughed, shared stories and more. I love the environment here. The locals are all so friendly and happy with what little they have. Nobody here is materialistic and they appreciated everything. They were so thankful for the simple gifts we gave them and that made me happy. The language barrier is kind of a struggle but we manage to find a way to communicate. Olivia M. and Annie’s family has one little dog who follows us around when we walk to the work sites. The families gave us a delicious dinner. Even though they speak no English, they used words we learned in Spanish class so we do our best to communicate. We enjoy talking with them about their kids, and loved hearing about how proud they were of them. After our long day of traveling, the whole group went to bed early!

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