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Costa Rica Service Trip 2018



Day 4

Today we woke up at the same time (7am) and ate breakfast at 7:30 with our families. We had pineapple, pancakes, cookies, hot chocolate, and cereal. Then we headed back up to the coffee cooperative and met everyone there. We split up into our groups, and one group stayed to do work while the other group went on a hike. The hike was so beautiful. We walked uphill first for about a mile with a bunch of locals; Ken, Luis, and Randall. Then we came to a little bridge that led to the main water filter in the village. The locals filled their water up with it. We then approached a fallen tree used as a bridge across a flowing river. We walked across the tree one by one, as it was an easy walk across because the tree was wide and flat. We then approached the bottom of the waterfall. There were so many rocks leading up to the top, and we got to climbed them. It was so much fun, and as we went up, the view became more and more beautiful. The trees surrounding us had astonishing long vines and incredible looking leaves. That is an image we will never forget. We struggled a tad bit, but with all the positive energy, we made it to the top!!!!!  The locals helped us a lot by putting rocks down in the river so we didn’t get wet, and they held our hands so we didn’t fall.

When we made it back down, the other group had finished as well. They mixed concrete in the old fashioned way with shovels and lots of work. They also continued to move rocks down the hill for the locals. We came up with a fast, effective way to move them. We created a relay in order to move the rocks faster with less work. Someone shoveled the rocks while one person carried them to the bottom of the hill. Then, someone took the rocks from the bottom of the hill to the work site and poured them out. The chain also brought the wheelbarrow back up. After the second group came back from the hike, they helped with the rocks for an hour. We then had a delicious, homemade lunch made by our homestay mothers. It contained food such as rice, beans, potatoes, chips, chicken, etc.

After we finished eating, we cleaned up the area and went back to our homestays to clean up for Church. We showered and put on our Church clothes. Everyone looked amazing. We met at the community center and walked into Church as a group. The mass, or misa, was said in complete Spanish. Most of us picked up most of what was said because it was so similar to Church back home. The community was so involved and excited about Church. The old one had to be knocked down due to infrastructure, so during the Mass, they collected funds to build a new one. They also introduced the new council members of the Church. Everyone was so involved. Even though the Mass was in Spanish, everyone seemed to follow along great. We even said the Our Father in Spanish because we learned it in our Spanish class at school.

After the Mass, we reflected as a group on how we felt about it. We all loved it very much. Then we saw a newly born baby calf. It was born only four hours earlier. It was put in the back of the truck, and the mother followed it. They gave us the honor of naming the calf. We unanimously choose the name Nina. We followed behind the truck and cow back to our homestays. We hung out with our families and ate an amazing dinner with them as well. We ate foods such as rice, beans, chicken, potatoes, and salad. We continued to spend time, play games, and talk to our families for the rest of the night until we eventually went to bed.

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