Costa Rica Service Trip 2018


Day 3

Aqui en Cedral! We completed our first service day in Cedral.  Our host families provided us with traditional Costa Rican breakfasts such as fruit, eggs, pancakes, rice and beans.  At 8’o clock, we said goodbye to our families and continued on to the coffee cooperative. We gathered together in the cafeteria and discussed the plan for the day. We were separated into two groups working on two different projects. The first group stayed at the coffee cooperative sorted fire wood and gathered stones to create a coffee drying bed. This will benefit the coffee production in the community. The second group hiked to a undefined trail in the woods. When we arrived, we used shovels and pickaxes to carve and clean out a path for tourists. The trail will be about a mile long once it is fully cleared. As a group, we thought we bonded and accomplished a lot during this day.

We were given a tour of the coffee cooperative and shown how the different qualities of coffee was produced and roasted. We got to smell samples of light, medium and dark roast beans.  It was very fascinating to see this different process. After a couple hours, we came back to the cooperative and our host mother had kindly prepared lunch or almuerzo.  Some of the foods they prepared for us were spaghetti, rice, beans, homemade potato chips, plantains and refrescos or fruit juice. After we ate, we headed back to our houses and had some downtime before we played soccer. The mejengaor commonly known as a pick-up soccer game was very eventful. As the game went on more and more locals joined in, they were very good at soccer. This brought the group together more despite the language barrier. Then we walked over to the community center where we learned how to make tortillas with host mothers. First, we flattened out the dough then we put it on the skillet until they were fully cooked.  They put in a variety of fillings such as ham, cheese, eggs, potatoes, and rice.  They were very authentic and delicious.  After that our host families walked us home and had enjoyed a light meal together. Some of us gave the families our gifts and they were very pleased with what they got. We brought games, shirts, hats, and kitchen supplies. We then played and laughed together, later we got ready for bed and said goodnight to our families. Ready to start the next day of service!

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