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United Kingdom 2018 - ISCA


A delegation of our middle school students, led by Head of Middle School Michael McLaughlin, spent three weeks in the United Kingdom as part of the ISCA international program. Here are highlights from their summer journey.
A note from Mr. McLaughlin: If you were to ask any of the Austin Prep students about their takeaways from their summer experience as part of the Independent Schools Cultural Alliance (ISCA), they will share stories about their new friendships with students in South America, their admiration for their British counselors who taught them sport and led their houses, and the three-week’s worth of history and heritage we took in across southern England.

The ISCA experience was likewise impactful for me as their group leader and teacher. As we prepared for our adventure and certainly throughout our month abroad, I got to know the students quite well. Overseas, I also connected with educators from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere in the United States. The dialogue and excitement was enriching and inspiring - with each day offering teachable moments. For example, after exploring the wards of Windsor and winding our way down the River Thames on a ferry, I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation on the Magna Carta. As a history major, I was “nerding out.” Here I was, at Runnymeade, very close to where King John affixed the royal seal in 1215 teaching the history to an audience of 150!

The trip was also special in that it afforded me time “in the field,” to research and write activities for the new course I am teaching at Austin Prep this fall, “Topics in Art History: The Art of Power.” Our ISCA journey seemed tailor-made for this course which will explore how the British crown has used various forms of art to communicate attributes of power over the last millennium. I will always be able to reference my guidebooks or scroll through the 1500+ photos that I took in July, but it was truly the immersive experience in England that stoked my long-held passion for this topic. One such moment was an independent day trip I made into London that I'll remember as "my royal day out." Click here for the story.


Oxford Visit

Students traveled to the scholarly city of Oxford. With the University’s Bodleian Library hosting 120 miles of shelved books - and growing - it was not surprising to discover that the University has produced more published authors per square mile than any other place on Earth.

Strolling past the soaring spires of the 38 colleges that comprise the University, students explored campuses steeped in history and that count 50 Nobel Prize winners, 27 Prime Ministers, and authors like Lewis, Tolkien, and Elliot among its alumni. After the walking tour, students enjoyed lunch and had the opportunity to visit the Ashmolean Museum. 

In the afternoon, students toured New College, known for its outstanding choir - though students were excited to also learn that a 19th century evergreen holm-oak tree in the cloister was featured in the fourth installment of the Harry Potter films. Students were then treated to a private tour of Rhodes House by the friendly porter Bob. Bob explained the origins of the prestigious Rhodes Scholars Program and the work of students today. At the end of the visit, he gifted a title for the Austin Prep Fr. Smith Library and Media Center to inspire students to pursue the Rhodes Scholars’ mission: to be impatient with the way things are in the world, to examine problems, and to act.

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