Meet Our Students

Austin Prep's Green Key Ambassadors are an invaluable connection between our admissions office and prospective families. Our Green Keys interact with prospective families at admissions events, serve as tour guides during their free block, and host students for shadow days.

Take a moment to learn about what our Head Green Keys have to say about their experience at Austin Prep. 

Bridget '18

"Austin has taught me how to challenge myself academically while also striving to be a well-rounded and compassionate person."

Heeweon '18

"Austin is special to me because of its close community where everyone could be friends together."

Kaylee '18

"All of the bonds I have made with my fellow classmates over the years, I know that when I graduate, those bonds will stay with me forever."

Will '18

"I am very appreciative of the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers, staff, and coaches at Austin who made my high school experience a positive one."

Maggie '18

"I met some of the most amazing people and I have grown immensely from the friends I have made at Austin."

Paige '18

"The things I have learned have prepared me for my future, and given me an amazing high school experience, with memories I’ll never forget."

Sara '18

"My favorite Austin memory is the New York trip. I was able to become closer with my old friends as well as making new friends."

Alexandra '19

"At Austin, I have learned a lot from many people. It has helped shape me into who I am today."

Hannah '19

"The teachers and students at Austin provided a place for me to come out of my shell and grow not only as a student but as a person."

Brian '19

"Austin's welcoming community has been the foundation for not only my education, but all the relationships I have made."

Jade '19

"Austin is like a second home to me. I enjoy everyone's school spirit, and the sense of community throughout."

Julia '19

"Austin is special to me because it’s a place where all the teachers really care about your education and well-being."

Maggie '19

"Austin has equipped me with life lessons beyond the classroom that I know I will utilize in my future career."

Nicole '19

"Austin is special to me because it has given me so many opportunities to further my education and experience the world."

Sohpia '19

"Austin is special to me because it has provided me with a platform to grow and to gain a sense of direction in my life."

Catherine '20

"To me, AP is special because it truly is a community of people striving to do their best and succeed, whether that be in academics, athletics, or the arts."


Schedule a tour of Austin Prep with one of our Head Green Key Ambassadors by emailing

101 Willow Street  •  Reading, MA 01867
Phone: (781) 944 - 4900  •  Fax: (781) 944 - 7530

Austin Preparatory School is a Catholic private school in Reading, MA for Middle School and High School students in grades 6-12. We seek to cultivate the hearts and minds of our young students and provide an environment in which our students can successfully learn, grow, and develop beyond the classroom.

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