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Coach Maradei Retiring

At the end of the 2017-2018 academic year, Coach Bill Maradei let me know that that 2018-2019 school year would be his last as the Head Coach of Austin Prep’s football program.  Coach Maradei shared this information well in advance of his retirement from football so that we have would plenty of time for succession planning.

At the time Coach Maradei let me know that he was stepping down as Head Coach he asked me to keep his decision embargoed until the 2018 football season had concluded so that the focus of the program and the 2018 season could rightfully remain on his student-athletes.  As has been consistent with his nearly half-century coaching career, Coach Maradei has always put his athletes first.

Unfortunately, a member of the football coaching staff made a post to social media indicating that this season would be Coach Maradei’s last.  The posting came to our attention a short time ago.  While this development is disappointing and inconsistent with what Coach Maradei had requested, the toothpaste is out of the tube and there’s no putting it back in.  I’m posting this note today – ironically, the official start of the 2018 football season – out of respect for the Austin Prep community and all the alumni and students who have played for him, and the current football team that will enter Coach Maradei’s final season with him.  The appropriate and proper place to hear information like this is from Austin Prep, not through social media chatter or the rumor mill.

There will be plenty of time to celebrate Coach Maradei’s coaching career and unwavering dedication to his athletes.  Before then, however, Coach has one more season to go and I know that Austin Prep will continue to provide the exceptional support for him and his team that is a hallmark of our community.

Posted by Dr. James Hickey in Athletics on Friday August, 17, 2018
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