Art and Design

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Photos by Carin Macnamara P’20

Middle School students have prominent roles in all theatrical productions.

Middle School students are curious and inquisitive learners with active imaginations and keen senses of wonder; to that end, the offerings in the Department of Art and Design tap into these inclinations and provide students with the opportunity to think critically and creatively. Most importantly, these offerings give students more than a vocabulary for speaking about technology and the arts; they provide a project- or production-based curriculum and opportunities for students to share their work with the community and interact with the faces and spaces of those fields.


Students have the opportunity to pursue their passions by having a choice and voice in their electives each semester. Selections include:

Dance: Several themed dance courses provide students with a review of dance fundamentals, including positions and terminology of jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary as they prepare for their roles in productions like Austin’s annual performance of The Nutcracker or the Spring Dance Show.

Explorations in Art: The process of art-making in an open and collaborative atmosphere encourages critical thinking and develops creative problem-solving skills as students learn the basic concepts, terminology, and techniques of visual art.

Digital Art: Using the iPad as both canvas and palette, students explore the basics of graphic design, digital drawing, and animation through the use of various apps, leading them on a path of creativity and innovation in our ever-changing digital world. 

Digital Storytelling: In this project-based course, students use technology as a tool of creation and expression as they celebrate the stories of Middle School at Austin Prep through photography and film. Students learn introductory design, production, and publishing skills to bring their creations to life. 

Robotics: Full STEAM ahead! Designed to foster imagination and teamwork, Robotics places a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills through project-based learning for success in all aspects in school and beyond.

Band & Instrumental Music: Students learn proper playing techniques, correct posture/breathing and the care/maintenance of their instrument as they play and perform as part of an ensemble that embraces and showcases musicians of all experience levels. Additional courses are also offered focusing on Keyboarding and Guitar.

Spotlight on Music: From Beethoven to Bieber and beyond, students learn the basic elements of musical composition and theory, reflect on the sensory, emotional, and intellectual qualities of music, and gain an appreciation for the cultural and historical foundations of music. 

Chorus: Students of all experience levels rehearse for a variety of performance opportunities, including Lessons & Carols, the Spring Concert, masses and assemblies.

Technical Theater: Students take on the roles of designers, artists, and producers by bringing a show from the page to the stage. Students read scripts and have class discussions and projects envisioning sets, costumes, and props in concert with mainstage productions on campus.

Journey Into Drama: Shakespeare Study

Shakespeare’s plays and poems come to life through exercises which introduce students to movement, vocal control, and characterization.


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