Course Snapshots

Introduction to Science combines with Life and Space Science for an engineering project. 



Grade 6 overview

Introduction to Science

Studies are designed to channel the student’s curiosity to the natural world. Major topics include: Light & Sound, Weather, Animals and Ecology. A strong emphasis is placed on: developing organizational skills; giving oral presentations; taking accurate measurements; performing experiments; designing and interpreting graphs, tables, and maps.

Grade 7 overview

Life and Space Science

Science in grade 7 will expand upon the student’s knowledge of life on earth begun in grade 6 and will include an introduction to astronomy. Instead of using one large textbook during the school year, students will utilize a series of 4 workbooks which cover specific topics in science. Work in the workbooks will be supplemented by hands on activities, lab work, and computer technology. This course will enhance skills begun in the sixth grade; such as the ability to think critically, interpret data and draw conclusions. Three quarters of the school year will be spent on life sciences, covering the six kingdoms of life, cells, and human biology. One quarter will be spent covering the fundamentals of astronomy.

Grade 8 overview

Physical Science

Physical Science is an introduction to some of the basic concepts in chemistry and physics. These concepts are viewed in terms of mathematical relationships as well as the general physical relationships in nature. Time will be spent applying these concepts to various situations that the student is apt to experience in life and nature. Some of the major topics covered are: matter, its properties, structure and interactions, motion, force, energy, electricity, waves, and technology.

Middle School Science Overview

Through the Austin student’s middle school years, we ignite a passion for STEM.  From the outset, each student is provided with highly interactive, hands-on group activities built around STEM concepts. Within the framework of a strong core knowledge base, each activity is designed to emphasize collaborative learning, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity, globalization and effective experimental design. Through these activities students grow in confidence and curiosity while gaining critical 21st century skills. Students will have technology-based experiences embedded throughout their MS science experience.

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