Endeavoring to enlighten the mind and ennoble the heart, the Theology program aims to inspire students to grow in their appreciation of the Augustinian values of veritas, unitas, and caritas. Through interactive classroom lessons, students deepen their understanding of Catholic tradition, culture, and belief and are supported in their own faith journey.

Grade 6: Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures

Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures

The stories of students’ ancestors in faith come alive as students encounter Sacred Scripture. Art, prayer services, songs, and visits to the Chapel of Saint Augustine engage students as they explore the Augustinian underpinnings of the School’s mission and the rich heritage of the Church.

Grade 7: Living as Disciples of Christ

Living as Disciples of Christ

How do students live a life of faith? Students deepen awareness and clarify their understanding of their individual spiritual journey. Students mature in their awareness of the moral life as they study the 10 Commandments and the Teachings of the Magisterium. Exploring vocation, students engage with priests, religious, and lay ministers to consider the work God calls them to do.

Grade 8: Living as Members of the Church

Living as Members of the Church

With an exploration of the heroic lives of the saints set against the sweeping backdrop of Church history, as well as discussions on conscience and morality commensurate with students’ growing maturity and independence, students put prayer into practice as they reflect on the universal call to holiness.

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Austin Preparatory School is a Catholic private school in Reading, MA for Middle School and High School students in grades 6-12. We seek to cultivate the hearts and minds of our young students and provide an environment in which our students can successfully learn, grow, and develop beyond the classroom.

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