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Vocal Repertoire Recital An Instant Classic
Posted 02/01/2018 09:24AM

Students in the Vocal Repertoire class showcased their talents during a recital earlier this week.

Each performer sang a song for the audience of family and faculty members. The song list included music from a variety of different genres, including Disney, Broadway ballads, music from classic films, Stephen Sondheim, and classical American/English art songs.

Vocal Repertoire is a new performance course for Upper School vocalists focusing on vocal technique and exploring songs for solo voice and piano. Each cycle, each student is assigned a piece from a specific genre. The genre changes from cycle to cycle and students research the history of each of song and prepare it privately at home. They then “workshop” their song in front of their classmates where they get feedback on ways to improve their performance. This can vary from ways to address technical vocal problems to ways to inflect lyrics to provide a clearly communicated story to an audience. At the end of each cycle, all students perform their songs in the same class session for written feedback from their peers to gauge how their performances improved.

Over the course of the semester, the students collectively worked on 80 songs. The class also teaches students about proper vocal technique and exercises to warm-up their voice.

Mr. Stephen Williams, Art and Design Faculty and Austin Chorus Director, said the course demands a lot of private work on the students' part and he is very proud of his first class.

Congratulations to the vocalists: Monica Courtney ’18, Victoria DaSilva ’19, Jeremy Francoeur ’18, Kendall Klipper ’20, Genevieve Rhodes ’20, Kaelah Ross ’20, Megan Schena ’18, and Aingea Venuto ’19.

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