Health and Wellness

The emotional and social constructs of a well-integrated Health and Wellness program provide the bedrock for successful academic success at Austin Prep. Our Health and Wellness program ensures that students have access to resources that help build a mutual trust and respect. This realm of counseling focuses on student support through connection and advocacy. A Health and Wellness counselor is present in the lives of students to cultivate critical skills of self-discovery through formal and informal ongoing meetings. 

The Health and Wellness Center at Austin Prep offers a variety of support services to help students navigate their years in high school.  We understand that school life is full, not just of studies, but of social and emotional experiences.  The Health and Wellness counselor is available to meet with students both individually and in groups throughout the school year. The student’s advisor is the primary resource for students; however, the counselor supports the social and emotional needs of upper school students and helps to facilitate relationships between students and their teachers and families.


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