November Remembrance

All of us keep deep in our hearts the memory of a loved one who has died. That memory is precious and sacred.

The month of November begins with the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and closes with Thanksgiving, and it is an appropriate time to celebrate the lives of those who have gone before and upon whose shoulders we now stand. 

In gratitude for their gifts of faith and family, let’s thank God for all those who have touched our hearts and our lives.

Austin Prep invites you to share the names of your loved ones who have died. Throughout the month of November the school community will pray for your beloved dead and remember them during our Community Masses.

This is our gift to you in thanksgiving for your prayers for us, and for your continuing generosity and support of Austin Prep.


Mass is the central act of worship in the Roman Catholic Church. The Mass, or the Eucharist, is “the source and summit of the Christian life.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1324)  It is of paramount importance to the faith life of the school that our entire school community gathers together to celebrate the Mass.

Students and faculty members participate in the liturgical ministries, which are organized by our Chaplain and our Choral Director.

Prayer Service

Prayer Services are held in our Chapel of Saint Augustine at various important national and liturgical times of the year. The school community gathers together to worship through prayer, reading of the Word, and song.